21 Questions :: Dominique Ransom

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21 Questions

Dominique Ransom


Name: Dominique Ransom

Studio Name: Artistic Encounter

Email Address: domransomtattoos@gmail.com

IG: Domransomtattoos

Website: http://www.aetattoo.com


Preferred Tattoo Style: Bold Lines & Color

How do people book you?: Through Email

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?: At this moment in time it’s really hard for me to say who is my favorite tattoo artist because, my work is constantly fluctuating and changing because my mind is developing more I get really inspired by multiple people ! 

But dating back to my tattooing about a year ago in the direction I was trying to go towards I was heavily influenced by two amazing female tattooers Katie McGowan and Kelly McGrath !

Who is your favorite artist outside the tattoo world?: I have no idea ! 

I am the awkward weird person that really doesn’t obsess over one thing I am a big lover of all things so I get inspired or just can truly appreciate any type of art .

Where do you get inspiration for your work?: I can say I am super inspired by other artist in general. I work with some pretty talented people and a lot of my friends are great great tattooers ! So I’m heavily always influenced by outsiders I want to grow as much as a possibly can.

About how many tattoos do you do a day?: Depends : at the minimum I do at least 1 piece a day , at the most 3 . 

I’m also the body piercer at the shop that I work at so it’s very important to me that I kinda keep my tattoos to sort of a minimum because I do have to do a lot of piercings which takes up some time of my day

How long have you been tattooing?: 2.5 years at this moment. It will be 3 years in April 2019

Ever tattooed anyone famous?Who?: Famous , ehh I’m not sure but I have tattooed a professional athlete! 

He played for the Dallas Cowboys : Mark Nzeocha

Any "nightmare" tattoo experiences? Tell us about it!: I’ve only been tattooing for 2 1/2 years so I really don’t have any crazy personal stories about people I’ve tattooed but I’ve seen a lot of crazy things go down inside of the tattoo shop dealing more or less with people that are from the streets !! 

It’s always the walk-in clients that Bring in the crazy vibes !!

Craziest tattoo or tattoo location?: I have a series of questionable things tattooed on my person ! 

- toilet says poop with lighting bolt in it 
- candy heart that says Cunt 
- “ fuck star tattoos” 
- pot leaf 
- AIM AOL guy
- a bunch of random Nickelodeon 90s thangsss

Favorite part of the body to tattoo?: I love tattooing any flat surface of the body ! 
Forearms , anywhere on the leg, feet, backs are good too !

Least favorite tattoo location or type?: Inner thigh , breast tissue , any part of the body that requires me to stretch extra , not the highest fan of .

How long have you followed Texas Inked Magazine?: For about a year and a half :)

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind? Fave artist?: A B S O L U T L E Y 

Music is everything to me, I have to be in the right head space when I am tattooing , so music is very essential to me. 

I enjoy chill waves, more R&B , smooth music . Gives me a relaxing state of mind to do what I love. 

Top 5 : RYX , Xavier Omar, Sango , XXYYXX , City and Colour

What is something other artists do that makes you cringe?: Honestly : not using the proper sanitary items to cover up things to prevent cross contamination.... like how hard is it to just cover up your table and machine ... grossssss

Do you have any other artistic abilities?: I have a crafty side ! I really love doing anything that’s DIY or doing anything along the lines of like scrapbooking I just like putting together stuff with my hands

Won awards for your work? What one is the most meaningful to you?: I have ! I was super blessed to win four awards in my very first year of working the convention circuit in 2018!

And it’s hard to say which one means the most to me because they all mean a lot to me two of them I want in on collaborations with a very very good friend of mine Dillon Giarraffa, and the other two I won on my very own so they all are very close to my heart .

Who do you hope to tattoo one day?: I don’t think there’s a certain artists out there at this moment that I can say I would love to tattoo with I think honestly I’m more on the lines of just being grateful to be in the room with amazing artist and just getting to soak up any time with them this industry is very dear to my heart and I think I enjoy just meeting all of the beautiful people more than anything .

Favorite tattooed model?: I really don’t know a lot of tattooed models the only two that I can say that I got the time to know a little bit is Monica Zamora ! I have tattooed her a couple times and I used to buy after care from her when she worked for Vitalitree ! She’s super sweet girl with a lot of passion so I admire her for that !

Hobbies outside of the art industry?: I really don’t have any other hobbies besides tattooing, tattooing is my life and every day I’m doing something that involves something around it either that be painting or drawing or meeting new people. art is life and I don’t think there’s any chance that I will stray away from it or develop any new hobbies I’m pretty happy with everything !

Tell us something only a few people know about you?: Hmmmm.... that’s hard I’m a pretty open book 

But a lot of people think I’m mixed with black and white parents and I’m not hahah 

Native / African American father 
Spanish mother 

Sooo there’s that fun fact 

What other tattoo style would you want to learn?: At the moment I’m currently into doing a ornamental dot work type of tattooing so I’m Going to keep chasing that one untill I feel like tackling something else !

Which of your own tattoos means the most to you? Who's the artist?: Uhhhhh this question is one I get to often and it’s so hard to get this down to one individual tattoo . 

I have only been tattooed by seven people and the majority of my body is pretty covered so I can say I love all of those people , I am very close with those individuals and every single piece of art they put on me hold dear to my heart because I don’t trust everybody so it means a lot if I let you tattoo me


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