An Iconic Christmas List


An Iconic Christmas List

By Digital Icon


So I made a list of cool stuff for Christmas if you like shit that I like than you might like this list.

  1. GOOD Tattoos, I cant stress GOOD enough. Not just any tattoo, GOOD tattoos make excellent gifts.


2. With the iphone “X” dropping last year, and cell phones being crazy expensive now, apple chose to make a high end phone that was affordable. Enter then iphone “XR”! If you grab the red version like I did, Apple donates to aids charity that has raised over 160 billion, so thats cool.


3. Quality American made glass made right here in Texas. That Helix tornado twist is sick!


4. Music is so important to what I do, I have to have it with me everywhere I go. Pay for a subscription, its not that expensive, plus you get access to music you may never hear on the radio.


My 2018 unwrapped. Check out one of my many playlist here.

5. In the last few years, a lot of musicians that I really enjoyed are no longer with us. Do yourself a favor, and buy yourself and a friend tickets to see some of the artist you love. I plan to do the same.


6. Bath bombs I have a homegirl that makes em, check out her Htown Double cup! (click the pic)


7. Shine Papers, and Pure Leaf Wraps, I feel Boujee as Fuck when I smoke these, everyone I pass It to feels boujee, People feel boujee for watching. It’s 24k, just get one its only like 10$ And The blunt wraps are just as high quality, way and better than backwoods.


8. Red Dead Redemption II, or dont if you ever want to see civilization again. Way awesome, way addicting. I named my Horse “Dank”.


Hit me up on PS4 sooperm4n21

9. Steven Rhodes Apparel. Believe it or not we are in talks for a collab, so thats cool, and he has the coolest designs I have even seen, make sure you buy from him and support the artist, not the knockoff shit.


I do not own the worship coffee shirt, hint hint.

10. Photoshoot, Not even necessarily from m, but get one from someone, its fun, creative and I know some badass photographers I can refer you to such as my friend below from ShineOn.


Texas Inked Models, Monica Zamora and Donnatchka.

11. ART Many artists have more than one form of media, and its fore sale, and its AMAZING! I, and most collectors get crazy excited to get a print from an artist I really like.


12. It’s 2018 going into 2019. In this digital age, and everyones face plastered across social media, make sure you and your girls eyebrows are on point. Make sure you check out @defybeauty and Her All Vegan products.



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