Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Prospect :: Julia Jarvis


Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Prospect

Texas Inked Model Julia Jarvis


Texas Inked model Ms. Julia Jarvis has the opportunity to make a huge impact for the alternative model community. Becoming a “ Cover Girl “ for Maxim Magazine would be huge no matter who the model was, but Julia is not just any old model, Julia is a tattooed model! Tattooed models are well respected in our “alternative” community, but can be frowned upon for other opportunities. You typically will not see tattooed models on the runway or gracing the covers of most mainstream medias, but now is our (& her) chance.

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Julia is a prospect in the Maxim Cover Girl competition going on now. For the next 13 days we can vote her into the next phase of the competition. Julia has the chance to win not only the cover, but also a $25,000 grand prize, and a photo shoot by Legendary Photographer Gilles Bensimon.

If she wins big, Julia hopes to invest the winnings back into her businesses, and continue working hard as a Model, Yoga Instructor, and other not yet public businesses.

Please take a couple minutes and go vote for her.


We wish you all the luck in Texas Julia!