Ink Masters Season 10 Episode 4 Recap


On the fourth episode of “Ink Master,” the competition continued to heat up.

Following a flash challenge in which the teams had to paint murals on stadium stairs, team members were then tested on their ingenuity.  In the end, the judges felt that  Matt Buck (@hedraws) – Co-Owner at No Idols in Manhattan, NY did not have what it takes to be the next “Ink Master.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.33.22 PM.jpg

After the fourth week of competition the artists left competing are:

Team Anthony (@antmikes) – Artist, Metro Tattoo in Tucson, AZ

·         Amanda Leitch (@redleitchtattoo) – Artist at Idolize Tattoo in Renton, WA

·         Daniel Silva (@Danielsilvatattoos) – Owner/Artist at Daniel Silva Tattoos in Gilroy, CA

·         Jason Elliot (@Jasontattooer) – Owner at Novellus Studio in College Station, TX

·         Juan Salgado (@JuanSalgadoArt) – Artist/Owner at Color Conspiracy Tattoo in San Juan, PR

·         Mike Diaz (@mikediaztattoos) – Owner/Artist at Sunken City Ink at Lubbock, TX

Team DJ (@djtambe) – Artist, Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV

·         Deanna Smith (@Deanna_art) – Artist at Dark Age Tattoo in Denton, TX

·         Frank Ready (@readytattooart) – Artist at Black Magic Tattoo in Oklahoma City, OK

·         Josh Payne (@Joshpaynetattoo) – Owner at Ascend Gallery in Cortland, NY

·         Lil’ D (@lildtattoo) – Artist at Cap Szumski’s World Famous Timeless Tattoo in Atlanta, GA

Team Steve (@steventefft) – Owner/Artist, 12 Tattoos in Groton, CT

·         Fame (@fametattoo) – Owner at Eminence Ink in Willimantic, CT

·         Gary Parisi (@garyparisi) – Co-Owner at Mayday! Tattoo Co. in Chicago, IL

·         Jeremy Brown (@theneedlepusher) – Artist at Collective Ink Gallery in Garden Grove, CA

·         Roly T-Rex (@roly_tattoos) – Artist/Owner at The Divine Canvas Tattoos in Orlando, FL

·         Katie Rhoden ( Artist at Live Canvas Tattoo Parlor in New Orleans, LA) 

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Congratulations to our Texas Inked Sponsored Artist Deanna & Jason for making it another week!

Coming up on the next episode of Ink Master on Tuesday, February 7 at 10pm ET/PT – Precision skills are put to the test when the Artists must create masterpieces with hole punches. Will one of the Coaches put his own skin on the line for the chance of $100K and the title of Ink Master?

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Interviews with cast members and episodic artwork are available upon request.

About “Ink Master”

Tattoo artists from around the country battle it out in permanent ink in Spike TV’s hit reality/competition.

For the first time, the series will welcome back three “Ink Master” winners to coach and mentor artists in the quest for $100,000, an editorial feature in Inked and the coveted title of “Ink Master.” In addition, the former “Masters,” Season Two’s Steve Tefft, Season Seven’s Anthony Michaels and Season Nine’s DJ Tambe, will be competing against each other to win $100,000 of their own.

The artists will be put through a series of tattoo challenges that are not only designed to test their technical skills, but also their on-the-spot creativity, as they must create and execute an original tattoo on a ‘Human Canvas.’ Each episode will focus on a different and distinct style of tattooing, and while the masterpieces these artists create will last a lifetime… so will their mistakes.

After every challenge, the contestants face a tough panel comprised of musician, filmmaker and artist Dave Navarro, as well as world-renowned tattoo artists Nuñez (Handcrafted Miami) and Peck (Elm Street Tattoo).