Introducing: Franco Fridays

Introducing our newest segment "Franco Fridays"!

Fridays will be filled with information and resources from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Johnny Franco MD, FACS. 

Ever wonder where to start looking for the right plastic surgeon? Who can you trust?  What are the best options for you? We have the answers! Check back every Friday for our new "Franco Friday post".

The goal of Franco Fridays with Texas Ink Magazine & More Beautiful You is to answer some of the most common questions that patients have about various cosmetic procedures.  We have teamed up together to help readers reach their aesthetic dreams!  

Introducing Dr. Johnny Franco!!!

Dr. Franco is based in Austin, TX . Dr. Franco moved to Austin in attempts to change the plastic surgery capital of the U.S., from Miami to Austin Texas.  He is a board-certified plastic surgeon that did an aesthetic fellowship in Miami, then practiced at the famed Miami Plastic surgery before moving to Austin Texas.  

Dr. Franco specializes in Aesthetic surgery he has brought some of the newest and latest advancements in plastic surgery to Texas.  

Dr. Franco has offered his services to one of our beautiful Texas Inked Models, Monica Zamora! In the next few weeks we will be following Monica and Dr. Franco's journey from beginning to end!

Spoiler Alert! Monica's surgery will be live on Facebook!!!