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Episode 012: Travis Scott


Houston was in for a treat when Travis Scott came to the Revention Center for the local radio station event: 93.7 Beat Bash. The evening started with some of your favorite DJ's keeping the crowd hyped by playing a mix of all the best hits.

The hosts brought fans on stage and managed to successfully keep the audience interactive and on their feet leading up to Scott's performance. A contagious electric atmosphere radiated throughout the venue as soon as Scott soon came on to immediately start raging in the best way possible. He spoke about his upcoming album "Astroworld" which is said to drop sometime in 2018.

If you know anything about Houston, you probably know that we lost our beloved theme park Astroworld in 2005 to make room for apartment construction. When asked about "Astroworld" back in May, Scott told GQ Magazine, "That's what it's going to sound like, like taking an amusement park away from kids. We want it back." Afterwards he rocked one of the few already released songs,"Butterfly Effect". At one point, he even had a fan on stage with him to jam and amp the crowd up even more.

He showed so much love to his home town of Houston and with appreciation to his loyal fans, even gave the first 700 people who bought tickets to the show a pair of Air Jordans! Scott was originally only scheduled to play at Revention Center on Thursday, December 8th, but tweeted early Wednesday morning that he added another performance and news spread like wildfire. Of course, the show quickly sold out and the venue was packed full of his fans.

Every single person seemed to be dancing, jumping and singing at the top of their lungs as he ran up and down the runway stage. Every person was in syc with one another making this one of the best rap live performances I've seen in a while.

Finally, he closed out the show with one of his most popular songs, "Goosebumps" which was the absolute cherry on top of the evening. I had no idea how beloved Travis Scott truly was until I saw this set and if he was able to sell out two shows at Revention Center back to back, I anticipate that he will conquer Toyota Center next!


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Rapheal Brown, otherwise known as his photography pseudonym Digital Icon is both a photographer and the creator and owner of Texas Inked.