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Episode 013: Snoop


Snoop Dogg has always been one of my favorite performers live but on Monday, December 18th, he went above and beyond in proving there "ain't no party like a Snoop Dogg party"! So much so, I do not even know where to begin except this was definitely not a show for children. As you could imagine, he had an abundance of marijuana and sexy ladies on that House of Blues stage. He had his Snoop Dogg mascot, two dj's, two back up dancers and during two songs, he had four strippers on stage; poles and all on stage with him! And how can you have strippers on stage without hundreds falling from the ceilings (of course they were fake, but talk about raining money!). Everywhere I looked, the men had their phones out recording the talented woman on stage, even a few threw their own money on stage, and were ecstatic to have their own little show within a show. Not going to lie though, the ladies seemed just as into the dancing performances just as much as the men did; probably taking mental notes ha.


Though this is my third time seeing Snoop Dogg perform, the atmosphere this night was one I've never experienced at any concert I have ever been too. The stage was shining so bright from all of the L.E.D lighting and stage screens with all sort of amazing graphics and videos. I don't think everyone eyes were squinting from the bright lights though, if you know what I mean. The room was filled, I mean completely filled, with smoke but the lights shining through all the clouds made for such a cool effect. Hands waved in the air, heads bobbed and everyone was dropping it like it's hot; a real party!


The excitement never seemed to end and half way through his set, Snoop called onto stage Houston's own Trae tha Truth! They rapped together a mixture of both their own songs and celebrated "the Houston way". The celebration then focused on some of his biggest influencers in rap including covers of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, House of Pain, N.W.A and more. It was almost like a blast from the past as everyone screamed every word to songs that they grew up with in high school, danced and jumped around. At this point, I was more mesmerized by the audience as the lights lit their already bright faces and I seriously felt like I went back in time. Something I cannot explain any better than just absolutely amazing.


With 25 years of experience on stage and T.V., Snoop Dogg has absolutely perfected his art on stage.  He ended out singing his and Wiz Khalifa's hit "Young, Wild and Free". Never once did he stop the party or seemed worn out throughout the entire night; truly living up to the lifestyle of young, wild and free. Maybe all the years of partying actually did the body good and I have a feeling Mr. Doggy Dogg won't be stopping any time soon.


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