PlayBoi Carti


Hundreds packed into Houston’s Revention Music Center for what they expected to be an energetic performance by 22-year-old mumble rapper Playboi Carti. Doors had been open merely an hour before threats were made to shutdown the show. Without anything more than a venue’s version of elevator music playing in the background the young impatient crowd had already managed to push the pit barricade up a foot as they shoved and pushed in anticipation for Playboi Carti’s arrival. Before any artist could grace the stage, house crew had to hop on the microphone to ask concertgoers to back up. Security worked to gain control of the restless crowd as maintenance worked to secure the bolts in the barricade. Rapper LB showed up 30 minutes late and performed  three songs before hyping up the crowd with recorded tracks such as “Mo Bamba” and Z-ro’s “Mo City Don Freestyle.” Fifteen minutes passed before LB and his dj exited the stage leaving over an hour of down time before Playboi Carti. Without any music playing (not even from a house dj) the anxious crowd continued to push, shove, and fight as security worked tirelessly to pull light headed, passed out, and injured concertgoers out of the crowd to safety. After what seemed like ages, the stage lights suddenly dimmed and an emergency alert video popped up on the LED screen refocusing the audience’s attention. Cell phones filled the air as Playboi Carti emerged in green light jumping around stage performing “RIP Fredo.” Cheers filled the air as concertgoers rapped “Cancun” word for word. The crowd bounced and shouted along as Carti continued to perform songs including “Let It Go,” “Woke Up Like This,” “Half & Half,” and Flatbed Freestyle.” The rapper paused as he asked everyone to stop looking at him and to focus on how crazy the crowd was going. Carti was right though he was barely doing anything at this point and the crowd was full out raging. He continued on to perform hits including “Yah Mean,” and “Broke Boi.” Later in the evening, one concertgoer managed to make their way on stage. After the teen was tackled and dragged off by security, Playboi Carti stopped the show, went to the side stage, and brought the teen back on stage to turn up with him. The night ended with “XXX-Fucked Up.” Audience members piled out as single shoes, wigs, shirts, bras, spilled drinks, and sweat coated the floor as remnants of an wild unforgettable night.