SHOOTERS: Jordan Schiappa


Jordan Schiappa

"SHOOTERS" is a series featuring Texas-based photographers.
In this edition, Digital Icon chats with Austin photographer Jordan Schiappa about inspirations and goals. 

Digital Icon asks...

How Long Have you been shooting? 

I have been making pictures for 4 + years now.

What is the creative process you use for your more conceptual shoots? 

I am a big Pinterest fan and being a visual artist I use images to convey my ideas for a conceptual shoot. Then I pick the creative team and we all decide together the best look(s) for the concept. 

What was the first camera setup you owned? 

Canon Rebel t3i and kit lens, all natural light. 

What made you fall in love with photography? 

An amazing human by the name of Sheeanna Singer photographed me in a way that made me love myself and photography. 

Do you have a favorite photo thus far? 

Yes, it's a fine art nude photo of 2 of my favorite red headed models: Nude Nora and Cammie Olfers. 

Whats your current photography setup? 

Sony A7 + Zeiss 55mm F/1.8- I mainly shoot natural light or mix ambient with strobes. 

What do you feel like makes a great image? 

The ability to make someone stop and actually feel something by engaging with the artwork. 

Who are some photographers that are inspire you? 

Corwin PrescottLindsay AdlerMike Ohrangutan, and Maja Buck all inspire me in different ways.  Whenever I am feeling uninspired or needing to step up my game I look to any one of these amazingly talented people to keep me motivated. 

What inspires you to photograph something/someone? 

For me photography is a form of self expression. When I'm feeling any sort of way good or bad, I like to take out my camera and shoot something. Most of the time it's a person and I just want to make something beautiful that I'll want to keep looking at for a long time. 

Give me 5 songs from your editing playlist? 

Gojira-Gift of Guilt

CKY- Knee Deep

Static-X- Just in Case

Parkway Drive- Atlas

Pantera- Hole in the Sky

Do you have any short term goals/ long term goals? 

Short Term Goals: travel more, shoot more. Long Term Goals: go to Iceland again, also the Pacific Northwest, New York and Thailand. Shoot with new models all over the world and make a fine art nude book!

Whats the hardest struggle of being a creative person in our current times? 

Finding inspiration is a constant struggle for me. I think all creatives struggle with this at some point. Being motivated to create is hard, especially when you rely on it for income. Luckily I have a good group of amazing creatives to work with to get those motivational and inspirational Feels going. 

Where can we find you on social media? 

IG: @jordanschiappa

Wedding IG: @jordanpaigephoto

Modeling IG: @ginger.paige

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