Franco Fridays: P.1

Monica asked, Dr. Franco answered...


The gorgeous and talented Monica has offered to help us with the first issue!  Here are some of her questions about breast augmentation and finding the perfect plastic surgeon for your surgery.  

Monica: What qualifications should I look for when researching for a plastic surgeon?

Dr. Franco: That is a great question as you should make sure that your surgeon is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.  You want to make sure that your surgeon was actually trained in plastic surgery.  Looking for reviews is also a great way to see what other patients are saying about your plastic surgeon.  

Monica: How can I tell if a plastic surgeon can help me achieve the look I desire?

Dr. Franco: Looking at a surgeon’s before and after pictures is a great way to make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page about the look you are hoping to achieve from your surgery.  

Monica: What is the best way to decide on the best implant size for me?

Dr. Franco: This is probably the most difficult part of the whole process!  I typically have patients do several sizing sessions. This is where they can actually try on implants in the office so that they get a realistic view of themselves with implants.  I also advise patients to bring in pictures of what they wish to look like and pictures of what they don’t want to look like after their surgery.  This will help you and your plastic surgeon have a good discussion about the surgery. Terms like natural can mean a lot of different things to different people. Pictures allow you and your surgeon to have an open discussion.  

Monica: I have heard of gummy bear implants.  Are those good for me?

Dr. Franco: Gummy Bear implants is a term the media made for the new highly cohesive gel implants as the implants look like a gummy bear if they are cut in half.  The gel is thicker so it stays together.  These are a great option for patients.


Monica: What is the difference between tear drop and round implants? Which is better?

Dr. Franco: Breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and that allows your plastic surgeon to personalize you breast augmentation to your aesthetic desires.  Round implants are the most common breast implant in the U.S.  In a small number of people the shaped implant can be beneficial.  

Monica: What is more common saline or silicone gel implants? Which is better for me?

Dr. Franco: Gel (silicone) implants have become much more popular as they tend to give the breast a more natural appearance and feel than saline implants.  

Monica: Am I going to be asleep for my surgery? Is that safe?

Dr. Franco: Most breast augmentations are done with general anesthesia which means that you are comfortably completely asleep.  This is an important question as you want to make sure that your surgeon has a separate anesthesia provider doing your anesthesia. Anesthesia performed by a trained professional is extremely safe.  

Monica: How much time do I need to recover from my breast augmentation?

Dr. Franco: Patients are typically up and back to daily normal activities in a couple of day.  Most patients can have the surgery done on Thursday and be back to work on Monday!