Pro Team Artist Deanna Smith :: $uicideBoy$

Deanna Smith :: $uicideboy$


Pro Team Artist Deanna Smith was surprised when she found out the $uicideboy$ were in town. She became even more ecstatic when she found out she would be tattooing one of them!


The $uicideBoy$ visited Dallas, TX on September 18th 2018 as one stop on their “I Want to Die in New Orlean$” tour. As soon as they left the stage, they hopped a ride over to Pristine Ink where Ruby got his first “Deanna Smith” tattoo. Deanna tattooed from 2am - 5am making sure to have them on their way to Houston in time for their next show.

Here’s what Deanna has to say about that crazy night:

“It was incredible and the whole thing was unexpected, I didn’t even know they were playing in my home town until the day of. Me and Ruby bonded over music taste and life lessons. It really was like chatting with a homie I’ve known for years. It was worth tattooing portraits from 2-5 am when their tour bus left. He wants to get his dogs portrait from me next”