Ask The Artist - Why Artist Don't Respond

Permanent body modifications can be nerve wracking.

How do you find the right artist? How do you contact that artist? Why is the artist not responding to me? Why am I getting charged a deposit? Why won’t the artist send me my design before hand?

The process can be confusing. We want to help bridge the communication gap…

You ask, the artists answer!

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Meek Mill has continued to make headlines the past few years after both his rap beef with Drake and the probation violation that landed him back in prison and in the middle of controversy. Things took a favorable turn after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Meek Mill’s sentence.

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CBS Denies Super Bowl Medical Marijuana Ad

The already controversial Super Bowel is adding to the list of reasons why some no longer show their support. We have all read and come to our own opinions and conclusions on the Kaepernick knee debate, half time shows, and “Deflate Gate”. Now it looks as though one of the most loved aspects of the Super Bowel is coming to the forefront.

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