How to Get Started with Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is quickly becoming a popular procedure for tattoo enthusiasts across the United States. Tattoo regret is common for many Americans, and laser tattoo removal is the only solution for safely removing ink without permanent damage to the skin. Tattoo shops around the United States are seizing this highly profitable opportunity by incorporating tattoo removal into their own studios.

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3 Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are a tattoo artist or tattoo shop owner and want to learn more about the process of tattoo removal or get a treatment for yourself, stop by the Astanza Open House on September 12th from 5 - 9 PM. Astanza is located in Dallas at 1810 S. Akard Street, #500.  There will be food, drinks, complimentary tattoo removal treatments, and lots of tattoo talk. DM @astanzatattooremoval or text (469) 759-3832 to RSVP for the open house.

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Nail the Pre-Game: How to Find the Right Artist for your Tattoo

So you want a new tattoo. Great! Now how do you pick an artist? Maybe it’s your first tattoo, maybe your first large piece - whatever your reason for being in the market for a new tattoo artist, here are some tips that should make your search a little easier.

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Ask The Artist - Why Artist Don't Respond

Permanent body modifications can be nerve wracking.

How do you find the right artist? How do you contact that artist? Why is the artist not responding to me? Why am I getting charged a deposit? Why won’t the artist send me my design before hand?

The process can be confusing. We want to help bridge the communication gap…

You ask, the artists answer!

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