21 Questions :: Nathan Blalock


21 Questions

Nathan Blalock


Name: Nathan Blalock

Studio Name: Nathan Thomas

Email Address: Sieztheday19@gmail.com

IG: Nathan_thomas_tattoos


Preferred Tattoo Style: Neo traditional

How do people book you?: It’s 75/25. 75% is in shop through word of mouth and 25% from Instagram.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?: To be honest, that’s a challenging one. The one who’s work has inspired me to pursue neo traditional is Toni Donaire. I love the use of bold lines and solid color; to really fill the canvas. Another great artist who does amazing black and grey work is Rebecca Blair.

Who is your favorite artist outside the tattoo world?: Hands down, Joshua Smith . While studying graphic design, I found his work and it was something fierce and angry. His work ethic and go-get it attitude helped me constantly want to learn and create.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?: I’d have to say Instagram. I can’t narrow it down to certain artists because my inspiration comes from looking at a solid tattoo that applied technically looks captivating. I don’t focus on the style but more how that artist really took his/her time laying down crisp lines and packing in smooth color or smooth black and grey.

About how many tattoos do you do a day?: It depends on the day. During the weekdays I’ll do anywhere between one large piece to 4/5 good size pieces. Weekends will go upward of 6/8 tattoos.

How long have you been tattooing?: I’ve been tattooing for 2 years now.

Ever tattooed anyone famous?Who?: Not yet, but I’ll be here when they’re ready.

Any "nightmare" tattoo experiences? Tell us about it!: Other than having those really difficult clients that we all get from time to time, nothing really stands out.

Craziest tattoo or tattoo location?: A woman came in and wanted her girlfriends lips tattooed on her vagina. I gave her my price to do it and she freaked out and then wanted to complain the next day about it to the owner.

Favorite part of the body to tattoo?: Give me the thigh or forearm!

Least favorite tattoo location or type?: Inside the bicep and ribs for sure.

How long have you followed Texas Inked Magazine?: Ever since my apprenticeship. I loved that Texas had its own thing.

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind? Fave artist?: Oh absolutely! I really love listening to Lofi and synthwave . It’s calming with a dam good beat with a bit of 80’s flair. Favorite artist would probably go to Gunship.

What is something other artists do that makes you cringe?: Artists that do a half-ass job at tattooing and charge out the ass. Take your time and put in clean lines and pack that color consistently!

Do you have any other artistic abilities?: I have a background in graphic design, I love to take objects and repaint and texture them to get this post-apocalyptic look. Whatever creative outfit I can have if I’m not tattooing.

Won awards for your work? What one is the most meaningful to you?: Not yet but I hope one day I will. That is one of my main goals for sure!

Who do you hope to tattoo one day?: Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember.

Favorite tattooed model?: Xocloe. Her chest piece and arms are crazy good!

Hobbies outside of the art industry?: I’m a geek 100% so it’s always gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, reading, as well as playing guitar.

Tell us something only a few people know about you?: I grew up competing in dog shows. Don’t judge me. Where’s your 1st place ribbons!?

What other tattoo style would you want to learn?: Black and grey portraits!

Which of your own tattoos means the most to you? Who's the artist?: I have this Jerry mouse tattoo on my arm giving everyone the bird. The design was done by Hydro74 and after listening to one of his seminars, I wanted to get one of his designs on me. He’s a graphic designer.


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