Nail the Pre-Game: How to Find the Right Artist for your Tattoo

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Nail the Pre-Game

How to Find the Right Artist for your Tattoo 


So you want a new tattoo. Great! Now how do you pick an artist? Maybe it’s your first tattoo, maybe your first large piece - whatever your reason for being in the market for a new tattoo artist, here are some tips that should make your search a little easier.

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1. Know what you want.

Most artists get frustrated when they ask, “What you are you looking to get?” with an, “I don’t know.” They don’t know you or your life, and can’t read minds, so for the best starting point, go in with at least a starting point for a concept. This is something only you can figure out since, well, it’s your body and you have to live with it!

2. Ask your friends.

38% of people polled in 2018 had at least one tattoo. Chances are pretty good that you know someone with a tattoo, so start by asking them. Ask how they found their artist, if they liked their experience and if you like what you hear- that artist is probably worth checking out. Know someone with multiple tattoos or someone who collects? Ask if they have any recommendations for artists who could do the project you have in mind.

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3. Do some online research. 

Instagram is going to be pretty invaluable, so if you don’t already have an account it is absolutely worth it to create one to browse portfolios online. Artists all over the world post their tattoos daily, so you can easily check out portfolios on your phone. Try searching for hashtags that would describe the tattoo you want to get, like #realisticportraittattoo or #blackwork. That’ll be the quickest way to find artists better suited for your idea.

Yelp and Facebook business ratings can also be a good way to find artists near you. Search top rated shops in your area and pay close attention to the artist names mentioned in the reviews, the people mentioned the most in 5 star reviews are probably worth some more research!

Are there any more steps that you have in your tattoo pre-game? Share with us in the comments!



Sara Vodak

IG: @vodak_yellow

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