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Dallas Tattoo Expo


We can’t wait for the Dallas Tattoo Expo! As with every show there are some questions, and we never want our fans to feel left out. Here’s what Trent Valleau had to say about this years event.

What type of preparation have you been taking this year thats different from others?

We took a year off to figure out the right move for the expo, we know we didn’t want to continue with the last venue/ hotel. Our venue was just too out dated and did not have proper HCAV. Also a few of our artists explained they were not treated well by our hotel staff, even being denied access to the rooftop bar because of face/ neck tattoos. We had to make a change. Luckily a previous venue called “Irving Convention Center” was able to fit us in, but not for an entire year, so that’s why we took so much time off. We think this is the best move we could have made as this area is booming with construction, there are now 3 hotels on the property, a world class music venue, bars, and restaurants, all within walking distance. We are super exited to bring everyone out to this new venue! Also we have been working with TX inked magazine to have a larger social media presence. We also have a couple of secrets that we can’t announce just yet, you will have to follow our Instagram page for updates! @dallastattooexpo

You have been able to get amazing artists from all over the world how exciting is that?

Ya we are super lucky. That’s all Trent and David, having traveled to different countries for conventions, they noticed that there is so much talent that can be brought into the states. Our hosts were able to invite some really top tier artists, and that really helps separate our show from the rest. We are truly the only “International Tattoo Event” in the State. Last year we had over 30 international artists from 10 different countries!

Who are some of the artists you are most excited to bring!

We aren’t playing favorites, honestly we are super stoked that any artist wants to come, that’s the biggest compliment to us is having them be equally exited about our show.

Who are some of the returning artists that people should be stoked to see?

Well we always get a lot of positive feedback about our international artists, and California artists. But that’s not what the show is only about. I think having a good local presence is something that we don’t focus as much on social media, it’s a great chance for locals to get in contact w artists in their area for large projects such as sleeves and back pieces. Shops that are within driving distance such as Dark Age (owned by Francisco Sanchez and Rember) are a staple at our show, they are always doing really sick pieces. It’s a great chance to see artists like this doing work in person. Also a little bird told us that David Vega will be working on a portrait, so you don’t want to miss the chance to see something that that in person. If color is more your speed, check out returning artists Andres Acosta, Jay Joree, Ben Ochoa, Zack Singer... the list goes on.

How many artists attending?

Last year we had over 300, this year we expect around the same amount. We don’t want to grow too quickly.

Whats good advice for a person who has never been to a convention?

Visit our website and Instagram page, seriously people could learn so much by doing a bit of research before coming to the show. Tattoo conventions are all about having a good time, for artists as well, so try not to stress anyone out or even come to the show if your in a bad mood. Grab a beer, some Texas BBQ and hang w your friends and some incredible artists. Also something a lot of people don’t even realize is that you can get tattooed at the show, that’s mostly what it’s about, the art. So what are you waiting for? Start emailing artists today!

We know the venue had some major updates, anything to mention thats beneficial for the show?

AC! Lol, Texas is hot, and we moved to a nicer newer venue, with tons of amenities. I’ve already explained most of this above, but ya new hotels, bars, restaurants, proximity was a big decision for making the move to Irving Convention Center.

We have been talking nonstop to artists about the show what is some of the feedback you are getting from artists about the show?

So far everyone seems really exited, we understand moving can make some people nervous, but we assure everyone it’s the right move. They will see once they get there that’s all we have to say about that.

There were some awesome awards at the last show can we expect the same at this one?

We have had the same handmade awards for the last 3 years, that’s a big draw for competitors, our awards are the pinnacle of competing in Texas, we had like 50 people in one category last year, that shit was insane. There’s seriously so much good art it’s hard to even judge.

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