21 Questions :: Drew Dimas


21 Questions

Drew Dimas


Name: Drew Dimas

Studio Name: 59ink

Email Address: Andrew_dimas@yahoo.com

IG: Drew_Dimas

Website: http://Instgram.com//drew_dimas


Preferred Tattoo Style: Black and grey

How do people book you?: By calling the giving number or coming in to our shop

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?: I have a few but macko from Italy is probably the most inspiring to me.

Who is your favorite artist outside the tattoo world?: Salvador Dali

Where do you get inspiration for your work?: California artists

About how many tattoos do you do a day?: 1 good sized tattoo a day, sometimes 2

How long have you been tattooing?: 4 yrs

Any "nightmare" tattoo experiences? Tell us about it!: Every name cover up is a nightmare to me! Lord I hate them!

Craziest tattoo or tattoo location?: I did a “thumbs up” outline on a big toe, idk that’s kinda weird and funny!

Favorite part of the body to tattoo?: Forearm all day long.

Least favorite tattoo location or type?: Elbows

How long have you followed Texas Inked Magazine?: About 5 months now

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind? Fave artist?: Every time! Rock,rap,and country no special artist let that shit play freely!

What is something other artists do that makes you cringe?:Scratchers” that eat people skin up and say they know what they doing!!!

Do you have any other artistic abilities?: Pencils and canvas

Won awards for your work? What one is the most meaningful to you?: 3 awards for my wife’s sleeve and meaningful cause it’s on my wife and she actually lets me do whatever I wanna!

Who do you hope to tattoo one day?: Any of the artists I look up to, nobody specific, but it would be dope to tattoo the homie Macko.

Favorite tattooed model?: _Lajefa93

Hobbies outside of the art industry?: As of right now none this is my hobby and love, but soon I do wanna get back to dog breeding.

Tell us something only a few people know about you?: I learned drawing and tattooing in prison!

What other tattoo style would you want to learn?: Realistic with a traditional twist

Which of your own tattoos means the most to you? Who's the artist?: My grandpas passing on the side of my neck done by my homie johnny!

See some of Drew’s work: