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21 Questions

Rachel Klein DeVault


Preferred Tattoo Style: Watercolor, black and grey, mandalas, geometric

How do people book you?: They can message me thru my email or thru my instagram for a consultation and then discuss further in person.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?: One I can think of the top of my head right off the bat, is Lianne Moule. She is hands down far as I have seen really awesome with watercolor on skin. Shes a beast. Not just an ordinary watercolor tattoo, she takes it outside of the box and goes beyond with it! Some day I hope to get work done by her!

Who is your favorite artist outside the tattoo world?: Right now I have been watching this muralist and painter. Norm Foureva, shes really spunky with her paintings, you can tell she puts her heart and soul into it. Very colorful and creative like herself. Very different and unique cause it's all abstract. I love seeing different artwork from the rest, it is refreshing!

Where do you get inspiration for your work?: I am insomniac, my mind races with ideas every night. So I stay up all night looking at photography or art from all over social media. Music as well. A lot just comes to my mind with I just listen to music!

About how many tattoos do you do a day?: When I first started out, I used to go crazy and knock out 6 or so a day. But now I have relaxed more and taking more time with my work, working with the client one on one. about 1 or 2 a day now. I try to go over and beyond making sure they have everything they asked for.

How long have you been tattooing?: October marks 10 years of tattooing. Still growing and learning!

Ever tattooed anyone famous?Who?: Unfortunately, I haven't yet!

Any "nightmare" tattoo experiences? Tell us about it!: Oh man, I have several. Where do I start, I remember a couple came in and the lady wanted her outer labia tattooed with her boyfriends name on it. Now, this is when I was fresh out of apprenticeship and they give me work that none of the artist would want to do. I thought it would be a very painful session for her, let's say it was entirely different situation for her more like "happy ending". So the nightmare part of it all was I didn't know whether the feel really uncomfortable about her excitement during the process of the tattoo or the boyfriend giving me the death glare.

Craziest tattoo or tattoo location?: I would say out of 10 years of tattooing so far, the most craziest and location of the tattoo would be tattooing the bottom the shaft of a penis. I guy came in and wanted stick man figures climbing up 4 runs of a Jacobs Ladder... I'm pretty sure he was a turtle by the time he left!

Favorite part of the body to tattoo?: The thigh and calf!

Least favorite tattoo location or type?: Lower back, tattooing in that area takes 2 times as long as any other spots on the body cause all the stretching on the lower back.

How long have you followed Texas Inked Magazine?: I was working at the tattoo expo in Galveston just a couple weeks ago and I was in the middle of tattooing a mandala on an butt cheek! Lol. They stop by my booth to say “Hi” tagged me on their Instagram. Been following them since then.

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind? Fave artist?: Yes! Music is the biggest part. I must listen to music while working, it drowns out everything meaning reality. I get lost into the music and get into the zone. It really varys on what mood I am in and what kind of tattoo I am doing. I listen a lot of dubstep, hip hop, and little rock music. My favorite artist at the moment right now is Odesza., helps me clear my mind while tattooing big pieces.

What is something other artists do that makes you cringe?: Cluttered space and crossed contamination.

Do you have any other artistic abilities?: Anything that is interior design related or graphic design! Some day I would like to go back to school and have multiple careers of all that I love to do!

Won awards for your work? What one is the most meaningful to you?: I have won best customer services, one of best tattoo artists from my hometown for 3 years straight. And most meaningful one, my first award from the St Louis Expo for best chest piece. I spent almost 3 years covering up an amazing women's chest for beating cancer. We created a bond over the years, cause it meant so much to her and made her gain her confidence back into her life. I loved it. It was the most awesome and emotional experience ever.

Who do you hope to tattoo one day?: The lead singer from Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld. Even if it's a tiny one, I would be geeking out. Lol

Favorite tattooed model?: Chaos.Cat, she's a badass.

Hobbies outside of the art industry?: Comics!

Tell us something only a few people know about you?: Not a lot of people know that I am deaf. Cause I speak very clearly. thanks to a lot of training, speech classes, and lots of lip reading!

What other tattoo style would you want to learn?: I would love to learn more of neo tradional style. It is starting to grow on me. Lol I never thought I would be into the tradional tattoo style, but here I am! I am, falling in love with that style more and more everyday.

Which of your own tattoos means the most to you? Who's the artist?: I have a piece on my leg, of Iron-man and Spiderman. It's still not finished yet but it means a lot to me cause it's about my son and I. My son is also deaf and we have this bond that no one will understand. Our biggest part of our relationship is we go on a comic book hunt and be nerds. Lol. The creator of this masterpiece is Steve Lima.

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