21 Questions :: Mike Hamill


21 Questions

Mike Hamill


Name: Mike Hamill

Studio Name: Third Eye Gallery

Email Address: Mike.thirdeyegallery@gmail.com

IG: Mikehamill17

Website: http://Www.tattoosbymikehamill.com


Preferred Tattoo Style: Color realism

How do people book you?: Click the email link in my instagram bio

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?: Dave Paulo

Who is your favorite artist outside the tattoo world?: Cliche but I have to go with Bob Ross on this one. I remember watching him as a kid and trying to draw his landscapes.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?: I often look at Dave Paulo, Nikki Hurtado, Chris Rigoni, and Jesse Rix work for inspiration.

About how many tattoos do you do a day?: 1-2 tops

How long have you been tattooing?: 9 years

Ever tattooed anyone famous?Who?: Yes! Jarret Reddick lead singer of bowling for soup. Stitches, the Miami based rapper. Maliek Collins of the Dallas Cowboys and Lee McKinney, the guitar player from Born of Osiris. All of them were very cool humble people.

Any "nightmare" tattoo experiences? Tell us about it!: Luckily nothing too crazy. Had one guy come in and seemed totally fine. He fell asleep during his tattoo and wouldn’t wake up. I’m assuming some extracurricular things were involved. A few slaps to the face along with 5 grown men yelling for him to wake up did the trick. We made sure he got an up and we and sent him on his way.

Craziest tattoo or tattoo location?: A Jackalope chasing 2 animated stalks of corn On a dudes ass check. It was a “trippy” experience he once had and got the tattoo as a joke with his friend who was with him.

Favorite part of the body to tattoo?: Anywhere on the arms or the thigh.

Least favorite tattoo location or type?: Ribs ribs ribs

How long have you followed Texas Inked Magazine?: Definitely a few years!

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind? Fave artist?: Yes every tattoo. I love reggae. Rebelution , Stick Figure, Dirty Heads and Josh Heinrich’s are some of my favorites.

What is something other artists do that makes you cringe?: I really don’t understand where all the Unnecessary hate comes from. There is plenty of business to go around. Stay in your lane and focus on yourself.

Do you have any other artistic abilities?: I like to paint in my free time. Definitely need some work on it but I try.

Won awards for your work? What one is the most meaningful to you?: I’ve won several awards but nothing feels as good as bringing home Best of Show. I have 2 of this particular trophies.

Who do you hope to tattoo one day?: I’m a hug Dallas Cowboys fan. I’ve tattooed one of them already. Any professional sports player would be awesome!

Favorite tattooed model?: Teya Salat. I’ve used her photo as a reference in a tattoo before.

Hobbies outside of the art industry?: Being a dad, husband, and watching sports. Football and fighting are my favorites!

Tell us something only a few people know about you?: I was in the Navy before I started tattooing as a fire fighter (damage control men) onboard the USS Iwo Jima

What other tattoo style would you want to learn?: I do mostly color stuff these days but I’d love to perfect some black and grey and have it up to par with my color. I feel there is a significant difference in the quality right now between the two.

Which of your own tattoos means the most to you? Who's the artist?: The portrait of my daughter. It was one of Liz Cooks first portraits!!!


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