CBD and Skin Care - Eliminating Acne


CBD and Skin Care

Eliminating Acne


To better understand acne we have to understand where it comes from and it’s leading causes. I have been giving facials since 2006, I’ve seen hundreds of people suffer from acne, teens as young as 11 and adults past their 50’s. Why do some get it and others don’t and what does this have to do with cannabis?


Above all Acne is a hereditary disease, meaning if one of your parents had it chances are you will too. The bacteria found in the hair follicle in the dermis of the skin is called P. Acne, that and a combination of elevated hormones are the recipe for inflamed, bumpy “Acneic skin”. Let’s face it inflamed skin IS aging skin, inflammation and sun damage are the leading cause of aging. There’s different types of acne from simple white heads to deep cystic pustules. This chronic disease can be controlled with a product that will ease inflammation, alleviate pain caused by stretching the small pore into a large puss filled infected cyst, and prevent dead skin from building up and harboring bacteria.  

One of the reasons I decided to become an esthetician was because I suffered from acne myself. I was looking for a remedy, the fountain of youth anything that would help me clear my face and make me look like the rest, flawless and beautiful. I know personally what it is like to suffer from acne, I understand the insecurity we go through when our face is just full of bumps. No matter how much makeup we put on, the bumps still show. When looking for the golden ticket to clear skin I am open to anything, but I am always cautious of the heavy prescription drugs dermatologists run to first hand when a client comes in with acne. My approach is more natural, holistic one that will work with my body in clearing acne not work against me and give me horrible effects later on. I’ve lost count of all the products I’ve tried, but the natural ones always seem to work better in the long run.

Cannabis oil is a green/gold based oil and the green neutralizes the red  resulting in an even complexion. Rich in omegas 3 & 6, and Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid that prevents oil from building up and cutting oxygen to the surface of the skin ultimately producing acne. When our skin lacks omega oils, the oil it excretes stays stagnant on the surface giving off a gray, thick appearance of the skin.  Its antioxidants are richer than those found in vitamin C, preventing the loss of collagen and breaking down of healthy skin. When the follicle under the skin is inflamed and filled with puss it hurts, really bad. CBD is absorbed into the skin, goes into our Endocannabinoid System and alleviates the pulsating pain caused by cystic acne. As we all know by now our own bodies have an Endocannabinoid System meaning CBD penetrates with ease into the skin aids in producing healthy cells while eliminating mutated cells that would otherwise turn to wrinkles, sun spots, Melasma and so on. Best known for its anti inflammatory properties, CBD will reduce the overall appearance of active inflamed acne on the skin.


In my years of combating acne I’ve come to realize that CBD infused in skin care has worked best on my skin and my clients. Since the early 1990s there has been extensive research on cannabis and our Endocannabinoid System, in 2014 a group of scientist did a study on how cannabis (full spectrum with .3+ THC) affected the skin and acne in particular. They found out that our ECS plays a key role in cell production and sebum control, therefore CBD has promising therapeutic effect when trying to control acne.

For best results it’s recommended to apply CBD oil directly to the affected area so it treats it immediately, if taken orally CBD will treat the body as a whole and the skin being the largest organ it will be the last to reap its benefits. We only have one face, and we must take care of it, CBD skin care aids in treating all of the skins problems and conditions.  



Helen Ruiz

CIDESCO/ Cannaesthetician

Owner/ Elestial Spa Houston