Ask The Artist - Why Artist Don't Respond



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I only speak for myself, but sometimes we get too many emails and I just can’t have time to respond to them all. I will choose ones that seem very appealing, but even some gems can get lost in the sea of requests, so I encourage clients to try again in a few weeks/ months if they don’t get a response at first. Also I have to prioritize existing clientele especially those w ongoing projects.
— @trentvalleau IG

I always answer emails. But as for DM’s, it gets overwhelming. I try to answer as many as I can but sometimes I just don’t have the time. For me, best way to ask questions is to email me.
— @jasoncalltattooer IG

typically don’t respond to dm inquires because it’s too hard to keep track of peoples handles and it’s not easy to reference past conversations
— @jayjoree IG

My most common reason for something like this would be opening an email that simply reads - “how much” with a screen shot of someone else’s tattoo.
— @owenpaulls IG

I usually go through my emails and Dms once a month or so, but Dms are a bit much to keep up with, and are usually price shoppers and time wasters. If it’s a current client or upcoming client then I definitely keep in touch with them or even out of town clients.Quickest way to reach me is always at the shop. Same place five days a week. So most of my responses are “ swing by the shop for an in person consultation”
— @mattwestinkcustoms IG

I tattoo all day every day, one day off per week, I use that day to recover body and mind not stay in work mode. Serious inquires either call, email or swing by. Also some people don’t look at a portfolio and dm about work that isn’t in my wheelhouse or not up my alley.
— @cktattoo IG

It’s easier for me to have everyone directed to email, this way I have more time to spend on the client in front of me.
— @bendeadtattoos IG

I answer almost everyone that emails usually the only time I don’t is if it’s a fix up, a coverup, a style I don’t do (black and grey), or it’s such a long email with so many different points and ideas/ backstory that it’s too overwhelming to answer until I can get home and try to put together what they’re actually asking for.
It definitely works both ways. I just re-emailed 22 people from last two weeks that never replied once I sent the deposit invoice. Guaranteed 10% or less will respond.
— @winterhalo IG

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