CBS Denies Super Bowl Medical Marijuana Ad

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CBS Denies Super Bowl Medical Marijuana Ad


The already controversial Super Bowl is adding to the list of reasons why some no longer show their support. We have all read and come to our own opinions and conclusions on the Kaepernick knee debate, half time shows, and “Deflate Gate”. Now it looks as though one of the most loved aspects of the Super Bowl is coming to the forefront.


For many years fans have gathered around TV’s with friends and family to watch the “Big Game”, even if their team hasn’t been lucky enough to participate. It is estimated that over 100 million people will be watching today. That number has declined since 2015 when over 114 million viewers watched. Companies flock to purchase ad space costing them over 5 million dollars for a 30 second spotlight. Crazy right? Not if you have a message that needs to be spread to the masses. One company that was willing and ready to pay that absorbent amount was Acreage Holdings.


Founded in 2014, Acreage Holdings (formerly High Street Capital Partners) has among the most diverse portfolios of cultivation, processing and dispensing operations in the U.S.  One focus being the Medical Marijuana Industry. It’s a known fact that Marijuana has the ability to help with a multitude of medical issues, seizures, PTSD, Arthritis, and Cancer to name a few. So why would CBS and the NFL not want such an amazing company purchasing ad space? Our guess is as good as yours! I am positive we will see a multitude of alcohol commercials today, even though we all know someone who has been killed in an alcohol related death. Over 88,000 people die annually due to alcohol related causes. Does CBS and the NFL not care about those numbers? Its obvious to us they do not.

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CBS denied Acreage Holdings Super Bowl Commercial that could have spread that message to the masses. Something that needs to be done, so people know, there is something out there that can help. Marijuana can not save everyone, but it can help those suffering to live out the remaining part of their lives as normal as possible.

Marijuana has always carried the “gateway drug” stigma, even after medical professionals have proven how amazing this plant can be. We hope one day the Cannabis Industry will be taken seriously, but it doesn’t seem today “Super Bowl Sunday” will be our day.

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