CBD - Is it Even Legal?


What is CBD?

Is CBD even legal in texas?


It seems that the topic of CBD keeps popping up in almost everyone’s conversation, feed and news article. I didn’t know much about it myself when it became legal in all 50 states, all I knew was that it was a part of the marijuana plant. I thought, “we are closer to legalization”. I have always been pro legalization of marijuana, because from a very young age I understood the medicinal benefits it had to offer. Once CBD became legal I set out to learn as much about this single cannabinoid to better understand how it could help me, and how I could take advantage of this amazing oil.


There are over 160 cannabinoids and more still being discovered, with CBD, THC & CBG being the most recognized. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and unlike THC it doesn’t give you an altered state of mind effect. CBD became legal because of its tremendous healing properties that it has on chronic illnesses like epilepsy, arthritis and PTSD. The Farm bill of 2014 allowed the production of hemp derived CBD, meaning that legally across the United States you could purchase CBD edibles vapes, and even topical creams, lotions etc.

Hemp is a species of the cannabis plant. Hemp is different from marijuana, it has long stalks, grows higher and it is solely grown for its resources like clothing, accessories, and dietary supplements. Hemp naturally has higher CBD than THC, whereas marijuana has significantly higher THC. Most CBD is extracted from industrial hemp meaning it has less than .3% of THC. If consuming CBD isolate you will not test positive in a drug test, and topical creams, lotions, balms don’t penetrate into bloodstream making it impossible to get a false positive.

In the late 80’s and early ‘90s during the Reagan administration scientists discovered that our own bodies had an Endocannabinoid system. A system in conjunction with the central nervous system was responsible for balancing sleep, mood, pain, fertility and appetite back into homeostasis. Other foods that provide similar effect are berries, chocolate and chia seeds, all the wonderful foods us women usually crave. CBD has powerful anti inflammatory properties that aid with headaches, stomach problems, inflamed skin conditions and cant forget about arthritis, pretty much any inflammatory condition CBD will aid in relieving it. It has antioxidants stronger than Berries and vitamins. Recent studies have shown that Cannabidiols prevent plaque build up in the brain which is the lead cause of Alzheimer’s, Making it beneficial to an already matured brain.


CBD is becoming more mainstream, skyrocketing the “green rush” so when purchasing

products look for words like “CBD” “CBD OIL” and “ Hemp oil”. Be mindful that SEED OIL

doesn’t have any CBD. Many companies will try to say their products have CBD, when in fact it’s just seed oil, still beneficial but it doesn’t have the Cannabidiol our own bodies need to help us regulate our mood, appetite, sleep and so on. I’m seeing more people switch from pharmaceuticals to CBD oil. Remember we have our own cannabinoid system meaning that CBD will affect everyone differently aiding in treating their problem not the symptoms. My mom was taking daily dose of ibuprofen for almost 9 months, due to pain from a tooth job done wrong. I gave her a bottle of CBD oil and the oil helped her headaches, she stopped grinding her jaw, her toothache went away and her knee pain was bearable. CBD oil reduced the inflammation, and tension my mom was feeling. She has ultimately stopped taking ibuprofen and has switched to a safer alternative.

Cannabis oil is mother natures gift to us, and yes CBD is legal as long as it has less than .3% THC. CBD oil can help those who suffer from anxiety, PTSD, acne, arthritis and many other illnesses. With now 33 states that have legalized medical marijuana, CBD may be the first step to Texas moving towards that direction.

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Helen Ruiz

CIDESCO/ Cannaesthetician

Owner/ Elestial Spa Houston