Brand Ambassador Spotlight:: Rosie Flores

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Brand Ambassador Spotlight

Rosie Flores


August 17 th , 2018: Texas Inked brand ambassador, Rosie, is headed into surgery to give the gift of life: an organ. This 37-year-old Texas native from Austin is donating her kidney to her mother’s boyfriend, Joe, after his year of dialysis. At age 76, Joe would have been on a donor wait list for approximately three to five years, at which age he would’ve been considered too high risk to receive a transplant. When Rosie found out he was in need of a kidney, there was no hesitation to give hers.

The process is lengthy, beginning in January of 2018 with final approval in late June. She started with simple health surveys, followed by more complex testing to ensure she was in good health before proceeding.

The night before the transplant Rosie says, “I’m pretty nervous, I’m not going to lie. I know the recovery is going to be a bit of a struggle, but today Joe, who is a man of few emotions, joked a little more and smiled a little wider, and it helped me set those nerves to rest.”

Rosie is expected to make a full recovery in six weeks, and will continue health checkups annually to ensure her remaining kidney is functioning properly. A lifelong healthy diet paired with exercise is vital to ensure Rosie does not develop diabetes or high blood pressure, common causes of kidney failure. She is provided comfort in that prior kidney donors are at the top of the donor list should anything happen in her future.

Rosie’s words the eve of her surgery: “I know being a living donor isn’t for everyone, but please consider being a donor in death. Give the gift of life.”

We are so proud to have you as a part of our Texas Inked family! Good luck in surgery Rosie, be sure to
send positive vibes her way: @littlemissflexalot.