What to Expect with Your First Piercing

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What to Expect with Your First Piercing


It’s Exciting to add to your Unique Look.

Piercings are Fun and can really give you that Edge/Boost of Confidence.

First time piercees may find they need some direction.

Texas Inked Brand Ambassador and Veteran Piercer Julie Ann West is here to help.


How do I pick the right Piercing for Me?

A majority of First Time Piercees usually selects from the Following:

Nose, Naval, Ear Lobe, Helix/Cartilage, Lip, Eyebrow or Tongue. These are known as Basic Piercings ️

All of these Piercings are Adorable and Generally Everyone can receive these.

Anatomy plays the Largest Role in a Piercing.

Also, placement is key.

I usually advise my clients to utilize Apps that allow you to place faux jewelry or

Dots where you envision your Piercing.


Where do I go? How do I find a Piercer?

Ask around; your friends are usually the most reliable source.

Social Media is a perfect platform to use to your searching advantages.

(Also, the Association of Professional Piercers has a website, You’re able to search the worlds most acclimated piercers in your area.)

A true professional will have endless recommendations and a portfolio showing a variety of their work.

Professionals will be able to be as gentle as possible. This will prevent bleeding and cause less trauma.


Once you’ve selected your piercing and piercer, you’re on your way 


Now to prepare for the Piercing 

Personally, it makes sense to prepare for a Piercing the same way as you would for blood work.

* Prepare Yourself Mentally

  Nine times out of ten, I hear, “that wasn’t half as bad as I thought”

  Sometimes the unknown can be your largest hurdle.

Eat a very iron rich dinner the night before

Nutrition plays a factor in how you’ll take the piercing. 

Ensure to eat a good dinner the night before as well as at least 2 hours before your Piercing.

  * No Alcohol 24 hours prior

  Alcohol thins the blood and dried blood around a fresh Piercing can be painful.

* Try to have the Area you want Pierced clean and free of any product

   For example; Make up. 

* Breath

Remember all You have to do is breath and hold still.

 Breathing and allowing your Piercer to take control is all you need to focus on.


Whoa That Was Amazing, Now What?

Congratulations on Your New Modification ️

Be sure to ask your piercer any questions you may have thought of and to Follow Your aftercare instructions strictly.


To quote Elayne Angel author of the Piercing Bible:

“Body piercing is among the most ancient and the most contemporary of practices for ornamenting and customizing the human form” 


Love, Peace and Taco Grease,

Julie Ann West








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