How to Get Started with Laser Tattoo Removal


How to Get Started with Laser Tattoo Removal

Article Courtesy of Astanza

Laser tattoo removal is quickly becoming a popular procedure for tattoo enthusiasts across the United States. Tattoo regret is common for many Americans, and laser tattoo removal is the only solution for safely removing ink without permanent damage to the skin. Tattoo shops around the United States are seizing this highly profitable opportunity by incorporating tattoo removal into their own studios.

Here are few things tattoo professionals should consider before getting started with laser tattoo removal: 

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Market Potential: Who Is Getting Tattoos Removed?

Before expanding to offer laser tattoo removal, it’s important to understand the market potential for this service and how this translates into additional revenue for your business. According to the Harris Report (2017), 29% of the US has tattoos. Of this group, 23% have tattoo regret. 

While it’s common for these patients to want complete removal, a large portion of this population is interested in only fading down their existing ink to cover up the area with better artwork.  We’ve heard time and time again: Tattoo artists want to use laser tattoo removal to fade or remove an existing tattoo to get ready for the next piece of artwork.

We know that these clients are going to spend money somewhere to remove their unwanted ink, so we tell tattoo artists: Why not your own shop? By offering laser tattoo removal inside a tattoo studio, owners and artists benefit from a revolving door of profit, capitalizing on both tattoo removal and tattooing new artwork.  Because tattoo removal takes multiple sessions (depending on the size of the tattoo, density of the ink, technology used, adherence to aftercare, etc.), tattoo removal practitioners might bring in $1,500 on a 6-session treatment package (while spending less than 30 minutes on each appointment).  Ask Astanza to build a custom market assessment to determine your revenue opportunity with laser tattoo removal and potential competitors in your area.  


Who Can Perform Laser Tattoo Removal?

Before going too far down the laser road, we advise people to research their state’s regulations regarding tattoo removal. Each state will have different regulations dictating who can legally fire a laser.  For example, while one state may require that a registered nurse administer laser treatments, another state may only require that the laser practitioner have appropriate certifications obtained from a two-day training course.  Click here to view Astanza’s laser tattoo removal training opportunities).  Most state’s laser laws aren’t readily available and require a bit of digging to find. Try using this map we put together to find your state’s laser laws.

Finding The Right Laser For Your Business

Each business/tattoo shop is structured differently, so it makes sense that not every tattoo studio will benefit from using the same laser.  Some shops prefer a high-powered, stationary laser like the Astanza Duality (dual wavelength Nd:YAG laser) or Astanza Trinity (triple wavelength Nd:YAG and Ruby laser system). Other shops prefer a versatile, portable system, like the Etherea MX, so they can easily travel to other studios, tattoo shows, and events without needing a certified biomedical engineer to recalibrate their device. Click here to learn more about Astanza tattoo removal lasers: the Duality, Trinity, and Etherea MX.   


For questions regarding laser tattoo removal technology, laser laws, certifications, and market potential, please contact Astanza Laser.  Astanza is a leading innovator of tattoo removal technology and now offers the most advanced product line of aesthetic lasers in the world. We’ve helped countless tattoo shops achieve success with laser tattoo removal through our cutting edge service, training, marketing support, and technology. 



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Astanza is the leader in lasers for tattoo removal, hair removal, and additional aesthetic procedures. In addition to developing cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the Duality, Trinity, DermaBlate, Etherea, and ReSmooth systems, Astanza offers its customers a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services specific to achieving success in this growing field.

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