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Dr. Franco with Monica Zamora

Dr. Franco with Monica Zamora


Texas Inked Model Monica Zamora's experience with breast augmentation may help you answer questions of your own


   We here at Texas Inked are several years into this journey of building our brand and along that road we have taken note of the many women who have opened up to us about their negative experiences with med spa and cosmetic surgery services, ending with unhappy results and regrets of having been pressured into changing themselves for the wrong reasons or entering into something without having all the information needed to make the best possible decision for themselves.

   We have decided to partner up with one of the most knowledgeable and kind-hearted surgeons in the country to make more available all the information needed to learn about various services in hopes that anyone interested can make the most informed decision for all the right reasons! Vanity aside, beauty is not about competing with others. It's about self-confidence and how each woman feels about herself.

   With this new blog series with Austin surgeon, Dr. Franco and his staff at A More Beautiful You, we are working together to provide an accessible, reliable location for all your questions and needs surrounding this industry. In this post, we take a look at Texas Inked model Monica Zamora's experience getting a breast augmentation.



Welcome to our video series on breast augmentation. We have partnered with Texas Ink to help educate individuals about their aesthetic surgery goals and options. Texas Inked Model Monica Zamora underwent a breast augmentation with gummy bear implants. The video below will show her step by step process during surgery. We have also included her before and after pictures to help future patients have an idea of the possible results from a breast augmentation.


WARNING: This video contains graphic medical content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Watch how an IMF breast augmentation is performed with gummy bear implants. The gummy bear implants give her a full but, natural and youthful appearance.

Monica's Before & After

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